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"Changing the world of style, styling the world of change"

Marci Zaroff



“I'm thrilled to join forces with ecofashion pioneer and founder Marci Zaroff. Our partnership embodies a shared commitment to disrupting global fashion. We're saying YES to a future where style AND sustainability coexist”

Hilary Swank joins forces with Ecofashion's top executive team as a design director and brand ambassador, alongside founder Marci Zaroff, and creative director Nigel Barker. 

ECOrenaissance: A Lifestyle Guide for Cocreating a Stylish, Sexy, and Sustainable World

ECOrenaissance provides inspiring tips and tricks for how to live and shop in harmony with nature without sacrificing style or luxury, and how best to benefit from the current renaissance—a global rebirth of sustainable economics, progressive ethics, and green culture—through the wisdom of eco-entrepreneurs, green fashion designers, organic food purveyors, and innovative leaders of this new movement.

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Marci Zaroff - The creative powerhouse and visionary behind the term "ECOfashion" and an unyielding force in the world of sustainable style. Having etched this pioneering term into the fabric of fashion in 1995, she has since remained a global authority on ECOlifestyle and an inspiration for conscious living.


An educator, innovator, celebrated author, and unstoppable ecopreneur, Zaroff's influence has sown seeds of change across the industry. At the helm of ECOfashion Corp, a flourishing "Greenhouse of Brands", her ventures have stretched from organic cotton fields to corporate boardrooms.


MetaWear, her turnkey sustainable apparel and home manufacturing platform, stitches sustainability into every seam, setting a fresh trend for responsible production from farm to finished product. And RESET, her ambitious project, vividly demonstrates her commitment, steering conventional cotton farms towards greener, certified organic and regenerative practices.

Meanwhile, Farm to Home and Seed to Style, her accessible and sustainable lifestyle brands launched on QVC, and now expanding to countless retailers such as HSN and Costco,  capture the essence of affordable eco-chic living. And with the unveiling of her direct-to-consumer ECOfashion brand, YES AND, Zaroff invites you to join her at the forefront of the green fashion revolution. Together, let's wear the change we wish to see in the world.

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